Hi, I'm André. I help companies sustainably innovate themselves so they can leave behind a future they'd be proud of.

I've worked at IDEO, Bestmile and am currently exploring sustainable business models at
Making Waves

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Hi, I'm André. I'm an interaction designer that loves studying and crafting the deeply rooted systems of our society.

From Umeå Institute of Design, I've worked at IDEO, Bestmile and now I'm en route to a new adventure, stay tuned.

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I'm currently updating my website. More to come... 

I'm currently updating my website. Please check out my top two works in the meantime! 

Just some thinkers I managed to get down on paper. More to come in the next months! 

Julian Title
I’ve come to the realisation that there are some serious obstacles that are preventing Inclusive Design from fulfilling its promise. In this article, I describe what they are how to fix them. 

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Companion Project
A design fiction where I explore the agency and ulterior motives that may be encoded into our smart objects. What do they want and why?

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If you'd like to have a chat about sustainability, or just want to say hi, shoot a mail my way!  @ 

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