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Hey there!
I'm an Australian interaction designer (I have EU citizenship) who left Australia on a simple exchange in 2013 and got a little lost.

My passion lies in working with companies to understand, develop and implement intelligent and malleable systems that govern much of our world today.

 My process is founded on ethnographic research to drive strategy and vision, and multidisciplinary coordination to make it happen.  I've worked with data-scientists, engineers, CTOs, etc, and believe that diversity and cooperation is the key to turning fiction into reality. 

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Awards and Recognition
Microsoft Expo
 Fast Company
Innovation by Design Awards
Core 77
Interaction Design Awards 

Companies I’ve worked with
Making Waves (current)

Umeå Institute of Design (MFA Interaction Design)
The University of Technology (BA Industrial Design)

Born in Australia, I grew up on Sydney Harbour, rigging my little boat up whenever the conditions got wild. I've lived in over seven countries and have over the years picked up a keen love for exploration. I've gone on long treks through places as far north as the Arctic Circle and have climbed mountains all over the world. I'm currently training my mountaineering skills with the hope of becoming fully independent on summit trips.

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