My Values
I'm a business and service designer who is very passionate about using his skills to help establish and develop companies with impact-driven missions.

Our world is driven by companies and governments who lack any values. The result? Neo-liberalism has been allowed to pragmatically exploit both our fellow citizens and the planet in the name of growth. I don't believe in this and have been trying very hard to reintroduce values into the mechanism that drive the clients I work with. More on this to come

My Skills
As a hybrid of these two disciplines, I find that I'm able to work at different resolutions, whether that be a product's overarching strategy and revenue streams, or zooming-in to the way the behaviours that drive every micro-touch point.

In recent years I've been keenly looking at how we might merge data and design processes. In a project this year, we used SEO analysis to map the psychology and behaviour of our user groups. This allowed us to craft quantifiable value propositions. This project will here very soon!

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Awards and Recognition
IXDA Winner ______________________ 2019
World Changing Ideas Mention ___ 2019

Innovation by Design Awards _____ 2017
World Changing Ideas Finalist ____ 2017
IXDA Finalist_______________________ 2017
Microsoft Expo Winner ____________ 2016
Microsoft Keynote Speaker ________ 2016
Core 77______________________________2016

Companies I’ve worked with
Making Waves (current)

Umeå Institute of Design (MFA Interaction Design)
The University of Technology (BA Industrial Design)

Born in Australia (I have EU citizenship), I grew up on Sydney Harbour, rigging my little boat up whenever the conditions got wild. I've lived in over seven countries and have over the years picked up a keen love for adventure. I've gone on long treks through places as far north as the Arctic Circle and have climbed mountains all over the world. I'm currently training my mountaineering skills with the hope of becoming fully independent on long summit trips.

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